Monday, 26 August 2013

Research Justification

This research aims to find out how students behave differently with or without enough sleep. This project is practical as many people in SST suffer from lack of sleep because of different reasons. Because of the lack of sleep, SST students are behaving differently compared to them being energised at the start of the day. We are going to hold surveys through Google forms as it allows us to ask many people and get a good response. We may also hold interviews and talk about it with the students who we think have this problem. There have been researches done by other people on the effects of lack of sleep.

As quoted “More than half of all teenagers are sleep deprived”
-BBC Scotland, 25 August 2013

There are some credible websites on the internet that has done research on this topic which are also approved by the public. As said on the wikipedia page on sleep, “Sleep debt is the effect of not getting enough sleep; a large debt causes mental, emotional and physical fatigue.” This is why we think that this problem has to be solved so that students in SST will have a better quality of life with adequate amount of sleep.

Reasons for choice of topic
-We believe that many people in SST suffer from lack of sleep
-It will also affect their performance in school and their grades may drop significantly
-By doing this research, we believe that we can help those people who suffer from lack of sleep realise and change their sleeping habits for the better

Feasibility of research
-We feel it will be fairly simple as we can conduct surveys through Google Forms. We can send it to many people thus getting a better response.
-We can also hold interviews with the people who we find are suffering from lack of sleep

Manageability of the research
-We can do this together as a group and divide the work equally amongst ourselves
-That way, we can do this fairly easily
-We expect some difficulty in doing the project but we intend to cope with it by asking the members to do their part in the research.

Accessibility of information required
-We can go online and find out about the effects of lack of sleep on students
-We can have surveys using Google Forms and ask students to fill them out for us

-We may have some trouble with the surveys as not everyone will fill them out. We intend to then send it out to more people so that we have a better chance have having a good response.

Summary Of Related Scholarly Articles

Tony's article:

Most students with low have lower grades have lesser sleep compared to those who score higher which score better in examinations. Students with irregular sleep patterns would also score not as well as ones with better sleep patterns. This report shows that sleep is very important for students to be focused during the day. Students should avoid taking caffeine after lunch and taking naps after school.


Daryl's article:

This proves that an average person will not be able to concentrate or learn much due to the lack of sleep. Lack of sleep will often result in bad temper and worsen social relationships with others. This will lead to inefficiency and unsatisfactory results in daily work.

Roid's article:

More then half of all teenagers are sleep deprived due to a combination of technology and hormone changes. The importance of sleep is also largely ignored. With teenagers, sleep could enormously enhance the quality of life and indeed their educational performance. There are some people who are ‘all-nighters’ who either game or do work overnight and have very little sleep after. Hormonal change also plays a part. Teenagers naturally veer towards later bedtimes and wake up later in the morning. This is possibly due to hormonal changes that occur during puberty. 
NyiNyi's article :

Most Teens does not get enough sleep on school days mainly because of social life, caffeinated drinks, electronic media, procrastinating on homework, and depression. They often get tired and restless in class. The body clock of the Teen also changes if teen often sleeps late. Researchers also found that biological changes that take place in puberty keep kids from being able to fall asleep as early as when they were younger. Lack of sleep affects teens' ability to function at school. A recent study showed that sleep deprivation can affect mood, performance, attention, learning, behavior and biological functions.Too little sleep may also contribute to mood swings and behavioral problems.

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