Monday, 26 August 2013


Our method is a survey research. Surveys are simple to develop and are relatively easy to administer. They are time savers as they do not need much time to be filled out.

We will hold about ten survey questions based on our research title, 'How
Lack of Sleep Affects Performance in School" using Google Forms and
about 20 SST students to fill them out for us, mainly from our class. This survey will show their sleep patterns and the average period of time they sleep each day. These results will show us how does sleep affect work performance. After we collect the data from the surveys, we will collate them together to analyse the data and review how the behaviour of the students  is affected by their amount of sleep.

Interview Questions

How much sleep do you get a night?
How much sleep do you think you need a day?
Do you go to bed late on school days?
If you do sleep late, why?
Do you think lack of sleep affects your performance in school?
If you do, why?

How do you think lack of sleep can be solved?

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